TOP BENEFITS of using Resistance Bands to Improve Your Fitness

It is no longer true that you need to purchase expensive and high technology equipment to maintain or improve your fitness. There are different kinds of fitness improvement tools and work out equipment that can give you same as effective results as weights. If you want to use some powerful, extremely versatile and effective fitness tools, then resistance bands are the right choice for you. 

Resistant bands are pretty effective and are widely recommended by many fitness experts across the globe for many purposes like: rehabilitation, strength training and general fitness exercises.

resistance bands easy to use

Resistance bands are very safe, easy to carry and easy to use. They are generally loops made out of layers of latex that can be attached to hand-holds, door anchors and looped around almost anything. This makes them one of the most versatile fitness tools available in the market.

With resistance bands, you can simulate majority (if not all) of the movements that are typically performed using weights. Usage of resistance bands involve holding the bands under your feet, looping them around bars or poles and pulling or pushing the resistance bands using handles.

Types of Resistance Bands

Resistance loop band

There are different types of resistance bands:

Power Resistance Bands: These are the flat 41” resistance loop bands, which commonly used for strength training and stretching.

Booty Bands: Other type of bands, commonly known as mini-loop “booty bands”, which are used for glute activation, shoulder stabiliser strengthening, booty building and rehab exercises

Tube Bands: These are the most commonly known in the market. However, given the nature of the way that these bands are made (the tubes are not filled, they are empty) there is a high risk of snapping.

Compared to tubes, the flat power bands have demonstrated a much longer life cycle and almost impossible to snap when using them correctly.

Resistance Levels

Each of the resistance bands are designed in different colours to help you understand the concept behind the degree of resistance that each of these resistance bands provides. Therefore, regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner, you can easily choose the type of resistance bands or booty bands that fit you accordingly.


1.    It requires a small space.

With the use of resistance bands, you no longer need to prepare for any bug space in your house neither do you necessarily need to search or find a gym most especially when you are out of your town. It gives you effective workouts and fitness improvement at home or anywhere. When you have one in your luggage, your fitness needs will never be neglected again regardless of where you find yourself.

2.    Using resistance bands brings lots of fun.

Using this resistance bands can automatically make your body fitness exercise a whole lot of fun. You can easily attach them to your furniture, doors, stationary items, back, shoulders, chest, legs, or you can try to hold an end of the resistance band under your feet to work out your arm easily. You can also try something new every time you want to use your resistance band.


1. They are ideal tools for home exercise programs, and they can be used in a circuit training format.

2. They are great tools for strengthening specific groups of muscles in your body and help condition cardiovascular system.

3. Resistance bands can be used to train some smaller muscle groups which cannot be trained with the conventional strength training apparatus. As a result, it makes resistance bands a vital tool for athletic training.

4. Resistance bands are super important for sportspeople. These resistance bands allow athletes to easily imitate the required pattern of movement in his or her sport with a varying degree of resistance. Therefore, making them to easily strengthen and improve their movements instead of working on strengthening individual muscles groups.

5. They are effective tools used for rehab exercises. The power resistance bands and booty bands can easily provide a maximum degree of challenge that is needed for bones stimulations, muscles, and joints which may not be functional after injury or corrective surgery.

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