Fitness Partners and Crew

We are always happy to network with people and organisations that have the same drive and passion for fitness and well-being as we do.  If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us.

Here's a list of our current Fitness Partners and Resist Bands Crew; Make sure you check them out!



Allys Angels

Whether you’re looking at getting on stage, transforming your body for that special day, or just cleaning up your lifestyle so you can get the most out of life, Ally's Programs will help you get you there.

Alicia Gowans knows fitness; She is the current WBFF Fitness World Champion and 2017 Female International Model of the year. She currently holds 3 WBFF pro show titles and has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry.

For more info, visit her website at



Simple Blends - All Natural Sports Supplements


Simple Blends is a Melbourne Based Sports Supplements Brand. They offer a range of Sports Supplements Made in Australia with: No Additives, No Nasty Fillers, No Artificial Flavours, No GMO's and many benefits.
Only the right products to simplify and ease your way into sports supplementation.

Use code RESISTBND10 at checkout to get 10% OFF your first order!


Ashley has been working in the fitness industry, transforming people's bodies and lives for over a decade. 

During this time, she has gained extensive knowledge of different training styles and techniques. Ashley specialises in fat loss and strength training and body sculpture programs.

Ashley Kerr Fitness

Her Online Training and Meal Plans are available via her website ( Get a 10% OFF on any of her plans using discount code RESISTBND10.


Grand Ambition Apparel 

Grand Ambition is a Melbourne Based Apparel Brand dedicated to inspire the Hustle. Great style and perfect for any occasion.

All of their clothes are supper cool! They are also perfect for wearing when training. Check them out!

Grand Ambition Apparel

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Body By Xia Personal Training

BodybyXia is a Personal Training organisation owned and operated by Xia. 

Xia is passionate about helping her clients “look great, and feel even better!” She has a proven record helping her clients achieve incredible transformations by using her unique hybrid training methods.

Body by Xia Personal Training








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