Fabric hip bands

The Hip-Bands - High Quality Fabric Bands

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Booty Bands - The Best Accessory to Get Fit Anywhere!

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Benefits of using Resistance Bands


Our Resistance Bands are made of the highest quality materials.


Gradually increase the resistance / intensity of your workouts depending on your goals.

Once you get started using your power resistance bands, you will never want to go back. Our Power Bands are:

. Easy to Use 
. Super Versatile
. Easy to Carry


Using Resistance Bands in your workouts will:

. Increase your overall body strength. They can be used to increase the resistance of your weighted, body-weighted and non-weighted exercises, as well as assisting you with pull-ups, dips and performing a huge variety of exercises. 

. Replace weights. They can be used effectively to replace majority of the exercises that are commonly performed with weights.

. Perform all types of workouts. Helpful to perform high intensity functional training, strength training or cardio workouts.

. Pre-hab, Re-hab and Stretch. Resistance Bands have a variety of other uses besides strength training: They can be used in Rehab programs, they are very effective to stretch your muscles, to increase overall mobility and to strengthen stabiliser muscles.

How Can I Use My Resistance Bands?

Head over to our TRAINING CENTRE, where you will find exercises and ideas focused by muscle group to maximise your training sessions and build strength and power using our training equipment, mainly focused on Resistance Bands Training.

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