Fabric and Latex Booty Bands

Our Booty Bands are a super versatile, very effective and a very in-handy training accessory. They will help you boost your training and help you get results quicker and easier.

Benefits of Booty Bands:

Our Booty Bands have many benefits, some of them are:

  • They are very easy to carry - Packed in a double layered mesh bag to take them anywhere.
  • They provide the required resistance for your outdoors or home work out. They are also a great compliment to your weight workout sessions.
  • Ideal to increase overall strength and mobility.
  • Ideal for any fitness level - There's no need for you to be an expert to start using them. The different resistances will allow you to progress your exercises and increase the difficulty as you gain strength and experience.
  • They are very effective Glutes and Shoulder activation - Activation of Glutes and Shoulders play a very important role when performing compound movements such as squats or deadlifts. Using the booty bands for activating and strengthening the smaller stabiliser muscles in these areas will make a very big difference for your compound movements.
  • Helpful to perform many glutes, hamstrings and a variety of upper and lower body exercises. 
  • Used in rehab programs to stretch, strengthen and stabilise other muscles to correct your posture.

Different resistances are available to gradually increase the resistance of your workout depending on your strength and your fitness level. These bands are for everyone.



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