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The travel kit light resistance bands bundle is ideal to take your resistance bands anywhere. Very practical, easy to use and supper portable, this bundle will be your best friend when travelling with very little luggage, as it can be fitted anywhere.

With its 3 41" resistance bands (lowest, low and medium resistances) this bundle will allow you to perform a variety of upper body and lower body exercises. These, combined with the booty bands included, will also allow you to perform a variety of glutes and legs exercises.

The accessories included (handles and door anchor) will let you perform any exercise anywhere. So whether if you are at home, at your hotel room or outdoors, you will be able to maintain and progress your fitness levels anywhere!

The bundle is packed in a very practical travel mesh bag for you to carry anywhere and train wherever you go. 

  • Advancing through your chin-up strength
  • Gaining major resistance by combining them
  • Drop sets for different exercises
  • Working you biceps, shoulders and triceps
  • Abs and Core exercises
  • Major leg and compound exercises like deadlifts and squats
  • Strengthening glutes and hamstrings
  • Stretching and rehab (Consult a physiotherapist for advice first)
  • 1 set of 3 x 41" Power bands: Lowest (Red), Low (Black) and Medium (Purple) Resistances.
  • 1 full set of Mini-Loop "Booty" Bands
  • 1 pair of Handles
  • 1 Door Anchor
  • Travel mesh bag to take your bands anywhere




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