The Booty Bundle

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The is just the PERFECT bundle to build, tone and strengthen your booty! The combination of mini loop "booty bands" with the light and heavy power bands and the ankle strap will give you everything you need to work on your glutes!

This bundle is easy to use, easy to carry and super versatile. Perform all type of exercises for upper and lower body. 

The booty bundle is not only for working on your glutes. You can use these bands for other purposes like: stretching, balance, mobility, increasing your core strength, assisting your chin-ups, pull-ups or even more advanced exercises to increase the resistance of your weights.

  • 1 Set of 5 Booty Bands with Carry Mesh Bag
  • 1 Ankle Strap with Carabiner
  • 1 Red Power Band (Light Resistance)
  • 1 Green Power Band (High Resistance)
  • 1 Carry Double Layered Mesh Bag





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