Ankle Strap

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The Ankle Strap is the perfect complement to your Resistance Bands. It will bring your workout to the next level with fun and new exercises.

Perform your favourite exercises anywhere with this Ankle Strap! Using this super versatile accessory will allow you to keep building and toning your legs, glutes and getting fitter quicker!

Its neoprene padding makes it the most comfortable ankle strap in the market. 

At Resistbnd, we care about your safety. That is why we provide you with safe accessories for you to get fit. The Ankle Strap is secured with a heavy duty velcro, making this strap extremely easy to adjust, put on, and take off.

This strap adjusts to fit any ankle size effortlessly.

  • 1 Ankle Strap
  • 1 Carabiner



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