Travel Kit Mixed Resistance

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With its combination of lowest, medium and highest resistances, this resistance bands mixed travel kit will allow you to do all sorts of upper and lower body exercises anytime, anywhere.

Combining it with the booty bands and Its accessories, you will have almost everything you need when it comes to a mobile gym. 

This resistance band bundle is very easy to carry and easy to pack, so whether if you are travelling, at home or just going to your local gym, you can take it with you and have the best training sessions!

  • Advancing through your chin-up strength
  • Gaining major resistance by combining them
  • Drop sets for different exercises
  • Working you biceps, shoulders and triceps
  • Abs and Core exercises
  • Major leg and compound exercises like deadlifts and squats
  • Strengthening glutes and hamstrings
  • Stretching and rehab (Consult a physiotherapist for advice first)
    • 1 set of 3 x 41" Power bands: Lowest (Red), Medium (Purple) and Highest (blue) Resistances
    • 1 full set of Mini-Loop "Booty" Bands
    • 1 pair of Handles
    • Door Anchor
    • Travel mesh bag to take your bands anywhere



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