41" Power Band - Green (High Resistance)

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This band will help you improve your performance by building up and enhancing your upper/lower body strength.

It will also assist you with your pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, as well as to increase resistance for your weight sessions and for other upper/lower-body exercises.

    • Assisted Chin-ups / Pull-ups (Starter/Medium level)
    • Building your glutes and legs.
    • Complimenting your chest, biceps and triceps exercises with high resistance
    • Also great for Stretching exercises
    • Resistance Level: High
    • Resistance: 120 - 175 lbs
    • Length: 41" 
    • Wide: 2" (45mm) 
    • Thick: 0.2" (4.5mm)
    • Unit Weight: 420g 



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